Transitioning to a Natural Deodorant

what to expect when transitioning to a natural deodorant detoxing
So, you've decided to try natural deodorant. That's wonderful! If you have never used one before, know that it can be a process to make the transition. I say this not to deter you but so you know that it's not the same as switching from Secret to Degree. There are stumbling blocks. Not every person will face the same ones. All our bodies and personal chemistry are different. A perfume that smells great on one person might smell like bug spray on another. Some things you just can't know until you try.
When you transition to all natural deodorant, there can sometimes be a ‘purging’ stage. This is a result of all the toxins and pent-up bacteria releasing out of the skin. So you may have an initial transitional phase, but the results will be worth it!
Having said that, here are some possible side effects that are TEMPORARY while making the change:
When you stop using antiperspirants and initially switch to natural deodorant, you will sweat. This is not a bad thing. Sweating is one of your bodies ways of getting rid of toxins. Let it do its job as efficiently as it can. The good news is, after you have been using an aluminum-free deodorant for a while, you will start to sweat less naturally. Keep in mind, that unlike the rest of your body, the sweat from your underarms is not just water and salt. These glands also excrete amino acids. So, if they have not been allowed to do their job for a long period of time, they will go into overdrive once given the chance... hence the uptick in sweating.
Your lymph nodes may ache for a few days. This is also normal. As your body pushes out the toxins from your now forgotten antiperspirant, there can be a small amount of discomfort. It is not what I would describe as painful, but it is a noticeable discomfort that will go away.
I highly recommend finding a natural deodorant that is baking-soda free. Baking soda in deodorant may cause your underarms feel and look rashy, this is most likely because the baking soda, which is very alkaline, is not balancing with your body’s pH. So, if you've tried natural deodorant before but it irritated your skin, chances are it had baking soda in it. Don't be afraid to try again, just remember to read the label first. Not everything that is "natural" is good for you.
Please try to stay committed. Keep your goals in mind. Remember why are you taking steps to clean your body and the way you live. For your health. For your children. Due to pregnancy or holistic treatment of chronic illness. Whatever the reasons are, realize that they will not change even when you encounter challenges. Giving up your antiperspirant and making the switch to natural deodorant is 100% worth it. You can do this!

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