To help our customers learn more about what they are lathering on their skin, we have created a list of the major ingredients we use with a brief description of their benefits and uses.


Sweet Almond Oil : This light oil is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6 and is perfect for dry skin conditions; it is particularly useful for the more mature skin type; we use this oil in many of our products as it's such a conditioning, skin loving oil.


Apricot Kernel Oil : This golden oil is rich in Vitamins A, B and E and is a powerful source of antioxidants particularly suited to nourishing your skin.


Avocado Oil : Known for its moisturizing properties, and is rich in vitamin A, B, D and E. It absorbs easily into the skin, making it a staple for lotions, balms, massage oils and more. 


Cocoa Butter : This is a natural moisturiser & will soothe and protect your skin; it is a perfect source of Vitamin E & has excellent antioxidant properties. We use pure prime pressed cocoa butter in our products.


Coconut Oil : Derived from the dried flesh of the coconut, or 'copra', this oil when saponified produces a rich lather which rinses with little effort even in cold water. A highly moisturing oil, excellent for dry, flaky & mature skin, this has powerful antioxidant properties and produces a rich lather for soap; we use Coconut Oil in many of our products as it's such a beneficial oil.


Jojoba Oil : Jojoba Oil moisturises the skin whilst bringing softness & moisturisation; it increases suppleness & skin elasticity and has the ability to penetrate the skin & is excellent for dry, chapped & broken skin.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Separated from the freshly crushed pomace of olives by only centrifuge, never chemical solvents, certified organic extra virgin olive oil is the highest recognized grade, free from defects and unrefined. It creates a soap which cleans gently and provides a soft moisturizing finish.

Rice Bran Oil : A lightweight oil crammed full of Vitamins B and E & major antioxidants; it is thought to help to diminish the effects of aging and slow the formation of wrinkles; when applied directly to the skin, it absorbs quickly & easily.

Shea Butter : An extremely useful butter that is perfect for dry, dehydrated & mature skin types, this is highly moisturising and helps to maintain your skin's elasticity.


Tallow : Tallow is one of the most complimentary moisturizers for our skin. Tallow is a naturally rich source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K, which are all necessary for overall skin health and integrity and cannot be found in plant based fats. Much like the membrane of our own skin cells, tallow fat cells are made up of roughly 50% saturated fat, which makes tallow an excellent base for our skincare needs.


Essential Oils - Most of our essential oils are steam-distilled, a process of forcing steam through a mass of the chosen plant material. The steam vaporizes certain volatile compounds from the plants and is then re-condensed into liquid. This liquid is collected and allowed to naturally separate into its two phases, the oil phase, which is the essential oil, and the water phase, which is called hydrosol. This steam-distilled essential oil contains many of the most aromatic and active compounds created by the plant, and vaporizes slowly to produce lovely, complex aromas that often have immediate, beneficial effects on our mood and thoughts, memories and emotions. Our citrus essential oils are cold-pressed.  The plant matter or rind is heated to a low temperature (no higher than 120 ⁰F) and the oil is gently pressed out of the plant.  The cold-press method protects the aroma or chemical make-up of the essential oil.


Fragrance Oils : We use blends of essential & natural fragrance oils in our products; these are sourced from the highest quality suppliers and are blended in order to provide you with unique fragrances for all our soaps, salts & bombs.


Botanicals : We use various herbs and spices, as well as grains like oats, and seeds like apricot kernel, to add colors and exfoliant features to our bars. 


Tussah Silk : Silk is used in all of our soaps because it adds a silky feeling to the final product; we just adore silk & it's a special feature of al our handmade soaps; tussah silk is a humane silk, as it is gathered after the moth has emerged from the cocoon.


Vitamin E : This antioxidant, derived from GMO-free corn, is used as a natural preservative to prevent the rich natural oils we use from becoming oxidized.  It is also beneficial to the skin because antioxidants can neutralize the free radicals which can cause skin damage.


Sodium Hydroxide : A strong base, similar to very strong baking soda, sodium hydroxide is created when electricity is passed through highly salty water. This substance is critical to soapmakers everywhere because it is what turns the oils into soap (saponification).  When mixed with water it is known as lye.  When the lye is mixed with the vegetable oils each sodium hydroxide molecule combines with an oil molecule to form a glycerin molecule and three soap molecules.  The sodium hydroxide is used up in the reaction and the water evaporates during the curing process. Often soap labels will say "saponified oils" which means vegetable oils have been mixed with sodium hydroxide.

Titanium Dioxide : This is used in many cosmetics as a whitener - most oils have a green, beige or yellow tint and we use this naturally occuring mineral in order to provide a whiter base for our soaps; we use an oil soluble version which is mixed in to the natural oils.


Water :  We use only distilled water in our soaps; even though water is "natural", tap water or even spring water can contain elements invisible to the naked eye, ie heavy metals, bugs etc, which we would rather not use in our soaps; we purchase distilled water so that you can be sure of our water safety at all times.


Milk : We use various milks or creams in our soaps including buttermilk, coconut milk, almond milk, yogurts and goat's milk; these are all full fat and provide a natural source of protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as natural AHA's; they soothe the skin whilst moisturizing it.


Clays : The clays we use are packed full of naturally occuring minerals such as calcium, potassium & selenium and help to rebalance various skin types.


Sodium Lactate : A natural vegetable based sugar solution added to harden the soap making it easier to get clean cuts and deliver a prettier product to you.

Zinc Ricinoleate : The zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, a purified fatty acid found in castor oil from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. Zinc ricinoleate traps and absorbs odor molecules in such a way that they are no longer perceivable, making it a highly effective natural deodorizer.


All our soaps and bath & body products are handmade in our home studio in Flower Mound, Texas, using the highest quality ingredients and are designed with you in mind.